Over 5 Decades of Property Management Experience

Steiner Realty, Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based brokerage firm owned and operated by Clarence H. (Casey) Steiner since 1989. Casey created the firm from a family-run management group that had owned and managed properties since the 1950s. He has been actively involved with the management group since 1985.

Steiner Realty, Inc. currently manages over 1600+ rental units in the Greater Pittsburgh area in a mix of luxury loft apartments, community apartment complexes, quaint apartment buildings and high-rises, as well as single-family homes and townhouses. In addition to office staff, Steiner Realty employs a full-service maintenance staff to handle all aspects of property maintenance, repair, and updating.

In 2018, Steiner Realty, Inc. added a Home Sales division, offering clients residential brokerage services.

Our Mission

For over 50 years, Steiner Realty has provided a broad range of quality housing options in the Greater Pittsburgh area to renters and homebuyers. Our caring and capable staff are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations. Steiner Realty endeavors to offer our employees abundant opportunities for personal and professional development. And we strive to ensure maximized asset value and returns for our property owners.