A/C RENTAL – We rent A/C units for $180 per calendar year. Installation and winter removal of the unit is included. A/C’s are installed based on our maintenance staff’s availability. We will schedule the installation of your A/C once we receive the signed agreement below. Units are normally installed in the window nearest to the electrical outlet in your living room unless instructed otherwise.

A/C ELECTRIC USAGE – For those tenants where electric is included in the rent, we charge a Usage Fee of $150.00 per A/C unit/per calendar year. You may pay the fee upfront as a lump sum or by monthly installments. The fee applies if you use an A/C at any time this year.

Please keep in mind that the Usage Fee reflects the average increase in electricity per unit over the summer; and indeed, often does not cover the actual cost incurred. Typically, usage is lowest in May and June and highest in July, August and September. Therefore, even if you do not install and/or use your A/C unit until later in the summer; you will still be charged the full usage fee. If you use your A/C unit before May or after September, there is no additional charge. We periodically check the buildings for A/Cs in the windows. Any A/C unit in a window will be presumed active and you will be charged the full “Usage Fee” if you do not pay your own electric.

A/C INSTALLATION REQUEST – If you would like us to install a personally-owned unit, we charge for time and material. Please complete the form below to request an installation. Installation charge of $75.00 includes removal.

GENERAL INFORMATION – For safety and efficiency, please check and clean the filters of your A/C unit(s) before you begin using them and at least once a month thereafter. This will maximize output and minimize energy usage. If you are purchasing your own unit it needs to be 7000 BTUs or less. Any units over 7000 BTUs may not be used in our buildings.

William Penn Heights Maximum is 5000 BTU’s or less.

Our insurance carrier requires that all personal A/C units be installed with safety brackets. Failure
to comply will result in removal of the unit.
Finally, keep in mind that running an A/C at the same time as other appliances such as hair dryers, microwaves, toasters, etc. may overload the electrical circuit; therefore, turn the A/C unit to “FAN” while using other appliances.

Please try to keep electricity usage low when you are running an A/C unit, only run it when necessary to keep your apartment at a comfortable temperature. Abuse of this privilege will result in removal of the unit or an increase in the electric surcharge.

We will begin A/C installations in late April and ask that you complete and return the bottom portion of this form no later than April 30th. We have set aside a designated period of time for A/C installations and should you miss the designated period, your A/C will be installed based on our maintenance staff’s availability, keeping in mind that the summer months are our busiest due to the increased volume of apartment turnovers.

AC Agreement Form