Management Team

Casey Steiner

Clarence H. (Casey) Steiner, President and Broker

Casey holds a law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a B.A. from Haverford College. He formed Steiner Realty in 1989 from his family-run management group that had owned and managed properties since the 1950’s. Casey is delighted to have his two children, Lily and Ben, continuing the family business with him. Casey is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar and a licensed Pennsylvania real estate broker. He has served on the Edgewood Borough council and as a Board Member of the Edgewood Foundation. Casey resides in his hometown of Edgewood with his wife Rose and their dogs Splash and Sid. In his moments of relaxation, Casey enjoys playing tennis, bicycling and playing the piano.

Zolin Cook

Zolin Cook, COO and Associate Broker

Zolin is a licensed real estate broker and has a BA in Economics from Bates College. Since joining Steiner Realty in 2003, Zolin has been instrumental in the company’s growth through development and acquisition. His most recent accomplishment was the addition of Thorn Run Apartments to the Steiner Realty portfolio. Zolin is a native Pittsburgher and currently resides in Lawrenceville. Zolin and his wife Molly have a full house with 3 kids , Zenia, Zephyr and Zander and their dog Huckleberry. Somehow he still manages to get his kicks in on the soccer field, both as a player and as a coach. And when the snow starts falling in the mountains east of Pittsburgh, Zolin wants nothing more than to be out on the slopes!

Barb Wagner

Barbara Wagner, CFO

Barb is the numbers person at Steiner. A native of Upper St. Clair in the south hills of Pittsburgh, Barb is a Certified Public Accountant and has spent many years lining up debits and credits! She now resides in the East End of Pittsburgh with her wife, Cathy, and their two four-legged children Patty and Hedy.

Lily Steiner

Lily Steiner Enders, VP and Leasing Manager

Lily has been with Steiner Realty officially since July 2012, although she likes to say she’s a “Steiner lifer.” Before working at Steiner Realty, she graduated from Haverford College and then worked for a small e-commerce start-up company in Philadelphia. Lily is a licensed Real Estate agent and loves helping people discover all that Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods have to offer. When she’s not in the office, Lily is usually out enjoying some new restaurant with her husband Jordan, exploring Frick Park with her dog Lucy, or relaxing at home with her cat Tiny Dog.

Ben Steiner

Ben Steiner, VP and Maintenance Director

Ben works on the maintenance side of the business.  He says his job is easy because “our maintenance team is the best!” His natural knack for all things technical led him to major in Information Systems at Dickinson College and then the University of Pittsburgh.  Starting from when he was in high school, Ben worked each summer on the maintenance team, and has since transitioned into the office. Outside of the office (or sometimes IN the office,) Ben is happy to spend hours discussing and debating the latest Pittsburgh Steelers game.   And living in Lawrenceville, one of Pittsburgh’s trendiest neighborhoods, he can also satisfy his loves of architecture and music!

Michelina Balzer

Michelina Balzer, Property Manager, Thorn Run Apartments

Michelina is licensed by the PA Real Estate Commission as an agent and has her Associates in Business Management. She has worked predominately in Property Management for the last two decades. Michelina has been a city-dweller most of her life, living in Brookline in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, fiancé and their new puppy Jemma. Winter nights are game nights for Michelina. But once the temperatures go up and the sun comes out, she is either hanging out on her porch oasis or working on her house.